Get Yer Bad English Term Papers Here!

We're accustomed to seeing terrible English in spam -- but this latest trend in comment spam has me rolling on the floor laughing.

A seller of term papers is spamming blogs with comments like this one:

The funniest part is the URL, which I won't repeat here, but it contains the keyword "quality." (It doesn't say what level of quality, though.)
I think that there is no reason to compose the expository essay by your own! As for me, that is better to buy the critical essay at the (URL omitted) comparison essay writing service, just because that can save free time.

The saddest part is that there are ESL students who won't have enough English skills of their own to realize just how bad an idea it would be to buy an essay from a company that can't give its own "social media marketing team" a gramatically correct comment to post.

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Republican National Committee 2010 Obama Agenda Survey

Fundraising campaign, thinly disguised as a "survey," spells out the agenda of the Party of "No." The letter makes it clear that the only checkbox that matters is the one indicating the amount of the recipient's donation to the RNC.

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