Medical Benefits Association spam-calling my cell phone with a pre-recorded message

"This is a public service message from the Medical Benefits Association ...." began the recorded message when I answered my cell phone in the middle of the workday. "Press 1 to obtain important information..."

The Caller ID was "unknown caller" and the number was 877-249-3538. I shouldn't have answered it, but I did.

If you get one of these, first, stay on the line and press 2 "to be removed from their database." Who knows if it actually does anything other than to instantly disconnect the call.

Second, write down the Caller ID information and the time of the call.

Then go to the FCC site for telemarketing complaints about prerecorded calls. Fill out the short form (1088C) and submit it. You'll get a letter confirming your complaint. Do this every time they call.

Finally, put your numbers into the National Do-Not-Call Registry.

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