National Life Quotes telemarketing against FCC rules

I've been on the FCC's National Do Not Call Registry since 2004. I got a call today with Caller ID of "Blocked" and when I answered I heard a recorded voice say:

"Hi, I'm calling from National Life Quotes. I wanted to tell you about..."

That's illegal. A telemarketer called a DNC number with a recorded message and concealed their Caller ID. Three strikes!

Option 1: Hang up in anger so they can call someone else, or

Option 2: Go to www.fcc.gov and fill out a Form 2000, you'll feel better!

You can also file a complaint by e-mail (fccinfo@fcc.gov), telephone 1-888-CALL-FCC (1-888-225-5322) voice or 1-888-TELL-FCC (1-888-835-5322) TTY, by fax to 1-866-418-0232, or mail. See this web page for details.