Meeting Setters meetingsetters.com clean?

Meeting Setters e-mailed me at an address that could only have been harvested or machine-guessed. I wonder how they get the other names in their database?

Nothing like a questionable spam-like business practice to start off a relationship!

"Meeting Setters is an outsourced provider of sales appointments, creating greater efficiencies within your organization. By leveraging the largest database of business executives in North America, we make it possible for sales and marketing executives to focus their sales groups on closing business rather than prospecting."

Others have raised similar questions about MeetingSetters.com:

McAfee Forum post

The e-mail appears to be a mass-generated mail-merge message via marketingtrain.org (Accu Mailer) with tags in the end that would help them identify bounced mail.


Best LinkedIn Invitation Messages (and Worst)

LinkedIn invitations could be so much more creative, but most are boring, considering they're from people I know.

From a Berkeley webmaster to his wife:
“You are a person I trust. I’d like to invite you to join my network on
LinkedIn. I’m using it to discover inside connections I didn’t know I had.”

So I Googled, found zip, then decided there needs to be a web page for this.

What are your favorites? Use the Comments below.

Personally, I'd like to find a few limmericks to use. Here's a bad one...
Among friends of similar thinking,
There are handshakes, hugs, even winking.
Our careers are insistant,
Colleagues become distant,
Let's at least stay in touch by Linking.


Cancel Rhapsody - Go On, Just Try

Just try (to cancel) Rhapsody. I signed up for a 14-day free trial. I wasn't expecting the song and dance when it came time to cancel.

I wasn't looking for a new music service, I use iTunes, but I got into a "TrialPay" with ZoneLabs and had to choose something. I gave it a whirl, never actually got it to play any music, and gave up in frustration. I have friends who like the service, but I don't.

I decided to cancel before the automatic renewal and monthly charges started.

You can't cancel online, you must call 1-866-597-5465. Have your account number ready (it's in the e-mail from them) or the e-mail address you gave them when you signed up.

The India-based agent will try to keep you from cancelling and will put you on hold a few times. They'll try to engage you in a discussion about what you're looking for in a music service, and/or offer to extend the trial membership for another 14 days. Their sole objective is to get you into the paying program (they already have your credit card number).

Just be firm that you want to cancel today, and write down the cancellation number they give you.