Best LinkedIn Invitation Messages (and Worst)

LinkedIn invitations could be so much more creative, but most are boring, considering they're from people I know.

From a Berkeley webmaster to his wife:
“You are a person I trust. I’d like to invite you to join my network on
LinkedIn. I’m using it to discover inside connections I didn’t know I had.”

So I Googled, found zip, then decided there needs to be a web page for this.

What are your favorites? Use the Comments below.

Personally, I'd like to find a few limmericks to use. Here's a bad one...
Among friends of similar thinking,
There are handshakes, hugs, even winking.
Our careers are insistant,
Colleagues become distant,
Let's at least stay in touch by Linking.


At 11/19/2007, Blogger Blog Owner said...

You're disappointing me! Come on, you must have received an interesting or amusing LinkedIn invitation e-mail... Share it!


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