Kanarchy: Katrina's Kaos

Officials interviewed last weekend are saying that none of the 15 disasters planned for by our Homeland Security Department include the kind of social breakdown and anarchy encountered in New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. (CNN et al 9/10/05)

Didn't they watch Blade Runner or Mad Max? After the Rodney King riots in East LA, and WTO in Seattle, is this human behavior so unimaginable that Homeland Security wouldn't even consider it?

These are the people who make you hand over your fingernail clippers and take off your shoes before you can board a plane.

Angry people waiting days for relief reportedly shot at rescue helicopters that passed them by, and demanded help from first responders with threats of violence. Surprise, surprise.

What concerns me most is that Homeland Security will ignore or botch this issue, while the public will remember it and react in unpredictable ways in the next disaster, making things even more dangerous for victims and responders.


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